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Our speakers are a mixed bunch, some live in tiny houses full time, some have self built others bought turn key ready. Others have a wealth of knowledge on living off-grid, downsizing, and living a life on the road. What does that mean for you? They can share real world experience from hard won lessons because they’ve been there. Learn during in depth sessions and connect with speakers to answer all your questions.


DIY Tiny House Builders

Planning to build a tiny house for several years Ryan and Ziski finally decided to take the plunge and put pen to paper to start the design phase of their tiny house build. 

At the beginning of 2019 they attended a workshop that accelerated their tiny house project to a point that they felt comfortable ordering a trailer and turning their design into reality. 

Ryan and Ziski will be speaking about their research and design process, how they got started, finding a place to build, and some lessons learnt during their build. 

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Writer, Activist, Coach

A few years ago, Lucy her husband Tim and their daughters Ramon and Juno packed up their lives in South London, UK and travelled around Europe in a campervan. They eventually headed back to NZ, where Lucy and Tim first met, and now live off grid, in a yurt, in a forest at the bottom of the Coromandel. Lucy will share their story of getting back to the land.

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Conference Manager, NZ Tiny House Association Secretary, Freelancer 

Deciding to rebel against living a "normal" life and instead lead a life of adventure and experiences, Sharla kicked her traditional lifestyle to the curb leaving the house and business behind. Living by the saying that girls can do anything, and with a limited budget Sharla decided DIY building was the only way she could afford her own tiny house. A bit like little red riding hood the first tiny house wasn't easy to move and didn’t quite fit so it was back to the drawing board. She then decided a house bus was the next build which would allow her to the flexibility to travel fulltime. Sharla will also talk about how to earn a living while travelling. Tips she has learned during this whole process, and what life on the road is really like. Sharla also is the conference manager of this event, and one of the driving forces behind the New Zealand Tiny House Association. Sharla's housebus will be on display at the conference.

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Vanlifer, Author, Digital Nomad

Lisa has been living in her campervan for about 2 ½ years. She will talk about how and why she made the decision to walk away from full-time work and city life in Auckland, what life has been like since, lessons she has learned and what tips she would give others wanting to escape the rat-race.

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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant

For the last 4 or so years Laura has been living RENT FREE by house and pet sitting full time around Auckland looking after dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and even a miniature pony.  She will be sharing about these varied experiences and what she has learned living in other people's houses without having one of her own.  She will also be sharing valuable tips she has learned during the last 4 years. 


Earthsong Founder

Robin Allison ran her own sustainable architecture practise for many years before founding Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood, the innovative 32-home cohousing neighbourhood in west Auckland. Earthsong demonstrates leading-edge sustainable design with intensive community involvement, and as the Development Coordinator Robin guided the entire development and construction phase. She now writes, teaches and consults around New Zealand to inspire and support thriving connected communities. Robin will share some of the key structures that have contributed to the success of Earthsong, and which will help inform the creation of other successful communities.

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NZ Tiny House Association & Land Share Founder

Founder of Landshare, DIY tiny house builder, spokesperson for the NZTHA, and sustainability Enthusiast, Nathan Orr, will be joining us to cover what is happening in the regulatory environment. He will cover how existing pieces of legislation, and changes to this regulatory landscape, might affect you as a tiny home owner.

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Tiny House Enthusiast, & Mother 

An insecure rental market and a new baby prompted Danica and her husband to radically reassess their options, and three years ago they decided to build a tiny house. They loved the the freedom and security they hoped this would give, and a whole lot of hard work and a year later (with the help of an amazing friend) They moved into their very own 26m2 home.... with not one but two children - Remy Rocket aged two and Zephyr aged three months. Danica will talk design ideas to make living this way family friendly, lessons they learned, and tangible examples of what worked and what didn't . They lived in their tiny for a year and loved it, only selling when another exciting opportunity presented itself in the shape of a 60m2 cottage across a harbour, where a boat is their primary mode of transport. They don't think indoor space is necessarily all it's cracked up to be, and less room inside is more life outside.


Tiny House Builder

Chris has always had a love for small spaces building tree huts from a young age, It now seems obvious that this was always going to be what he ends up doing.

Chris now Crafts beautiful homes for amazing clients to live in. With a vision to create more than a home! Chris will be sharing building tips he has learned, and the stories behind some of his builds. 

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NZ Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference 


17 October, 2020


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