The NZ Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference is a unique full-day immersion experience to discover, learn, celebrate and shape the growing tiny house and alternative living movement in New Zealand

Sat 17 October 2020 - Manukau, Auckland

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Recently there has been the Corona Virus (COVID-19) affecting many parts of the world, infecting many people with some absolutely disastrous effects, After careful consideration, and in the interests of public safety, we have decided to postpone The NZ Tiny House Conference which was to be held on the 23 May 2020 in Manukau Auckland. Other events are also being canceled or postponed for the same reasons. The new date for The NZ Tiny House Conference will be October 17th, 2020.

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Great event with excellent speakers! I especially liked the variety of speakers and that everyone had so much to offer in the way of lifestyle, health and wellbeing too.  Thank you for putting on this conference!


I really enjoyed the day. I am researching my choices with Tiny House living so was most interested in the two tiny houses and the bus and hearing about the process of building, living etc in a tiny house. I really enjoyed the speakers. Many thanks for a really informative day - I very pleased that I attended.


I was fortunate enough to attend the NZ Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference in Christchurch on the 19th October. Excellent mix of speakers, product displays, THOW’s and Trailers. Well worth attending and if you thought about attending and didn’t then you missed a great conference.

A big thank you to our supporters

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NZ Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference 


17 October, 2020


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